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I was always kind of a semi morning person. I normally was up by 7 even on the weekends. 8 is considered sleeping in.

Ever since I met Jack I have been waking up at 5 every morning with him. We make coffee and sit and talk or listen to music. He works an hour away and starts at an earlier time than me so by the time he gets home I'm getting off of work.

That normally leaves an hour or so after he is gone. Sometimes I go to work early, sometimes I just chill. I've found that waking up early has been good for my motivation and mental health. It's nice not to rush out the door and only have a few minutes to get ready.I've been taking my time getting dressed, reading, writing. I never realized how my rushed mornings were affecting my attitude towards the day.

I will definitely need to keep this up.

Anyone else have some morning routines they like or makes their day better? I'm experimenting and would love ideas.

This Weekend's Lesson

Today I have learned to never let your mechanic boyfriend drive your car. He will find at least five things wrong with it based off of a sound that you can't even hear and demand to take it to his shop on Monday.
Update: Then he will proceed to lock himself out of the car while working on it so that he has to break in before he even figures out what is wrong.


This week at work was marginally more stressful than normal. We are closing books on the quarter so there is a lot to do. My jaw hurts cause I have a habit of grinding my teeth when I'm stressed/focused.
But it's over for now! I have a few misc closing entries to do on Monday so I have a free weekend ahead of me. WOOO!
Jack and I are driving down to my parents' house today. I grew up in the middle of nowhere country. I like living in the city but I do miss it and it's nice to go back. Been too long since I was on some dirt roads.
Hopefully I'll get lots of quality relaxing time in.

Where to begin?

I guess the best place to start in a blog is to tell you why I have started it.
Six months ago I had another blog. I was living a whole different life. I had a long distance boyfriend in Norway. We had been together since I was 17. My whole life was focused on moving to Norway to be with him forever. I was trying to fit in with a crowd that wasn't quite mine. Most of my friends were buying houses, getting married, and popping out babies. It made sense since I come from a more conservative religious area. That sort of thing normally happens in your 20's. My boyfriend and I were engaged to be engaged. I was looking at dresses on Pinterest. I thought it was what was supposed to happen in my life.

Then I got promoted. I loved my job and realized that maybe moving to Norway wasn't what I wanted. I tried to talk to my almost fiance about it and he completely shut me down. I wasn't sure what to do. Within a week things crumbled. In retrospect it was a long time coming, it had just been hard to realize when he was thousands of miles away.

Suddenly my life seemed vastly different. My friends and I had less in common. My job was my main focus. I was no longer after the big white wedding with a house and 2.5 kiddos. I even realized that I wasn't really a Christian and finally had the guts to research a belief that was always in the back of my mind: paganism. It started out with an article, then a book, then some soul searching. I'm still figuring things but I feel more at ease with my spiritual self now. It was a whirlwind for a while. I threw myself into work. My boss loved my enthusiasm and we became unlikely friends.

I hesitantly started talking with guys on app called Plenty of Fish. I really didn't want a relationship, but after 7 years of a long distance relationship I was craving conversation and flirting.
After two days I met Jack. Most guys had very cliche "hey beautiful" opening lines. Jack messaged me asking about satanic chants and coloring books. After talking to so many boring horny guys I couldn't pass up a a line like that.

Our first meeting and first date is a ridiculous tale involving hallucinogens, brownies, a rubber chicken, and a pool hall. It's probably best saved for another post. He was supposed to be a one night stand.....oops.To sum it up we are complete opposites that somehow work. He's made me crazier, I've tamed him down quite a bit. Together we make a happy medium.

I've met some new friends through Jack and life is feeling a little chaotic. For the first time I have no idea where my life is headed and I'm really excited by that.

I had neglected my last blog through my breakup and new job. Now that things are leveling out I wanted to get back into it, I just didn't want to go back to the last profile and try to explain. About half of my long time friends are clearly not approving of my new life. It's really made me realize what's important. I didn't want to face rejection online in a place that I had always felt safe. I want to start fresh and see what happens.



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